AVTOTOR intends to start production of new brands of cars in Q1 2023

AVTOTOR intends to start production of new brands of cars in Q1 2023


Finmarket.- Russian carmaker Avtotor will start producing new brands of cars with internal combustion engines in the first quarter of 2023, Alexander Sorokin, general director of Avtotor Holding LLC, told Interfax.

In the first quarter of 2023, we will be able to deliver cars of new brands to the country’s market. These will be two or three models that will be in demand in the market. But so far we do not name brands and categories of cars, ”said Sorokin.

Avtotor founder Vladimir Shcherbakov reported in September: “We finish work in the first days of October and fully start production for readjustment. October is spent for readjustment of production and building new conditions for the development of Russia on Whole and our production in the country.

Sorokin also said that Avtotor is not abandoning its plans to produce the first batch of electric vehicles with Rosatom batteries in 2023.

Our plans to produce the first batch of 200 electric vehicles in 2023 are confirmed. They are powered by Rosatom batteries. They have already manufactured the first modules and handed them over to us for testing,” said Sorokin.

According to him, in general, the company’s work in preparing for the large-scale production of electric vehicles is going purposefully and systematically in various areas. A research center is working on this topic, and a new production infrastructure is being created. In the final phase of construction, several new buildings for production lines and all accompanying services will be built.

As reported, in 2022 the company plans to complete the construction of eight plants for new electromobility projects, in which it intends to invest 5.7 billion rubles.

In September, Shcherbakov said: “We will start production of electric vehicles. This is not a full development of our designers, engineers and technologists, but we were directly involved in the development of the design. We expect to have this new car next year.