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Mercedes-Benz has signed the agreement on the Greater Moscow plant

Deutsche Welle – German automobile group Daimler will start the production of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in Russia. The agreement on the arrangement of production in Moscow Region has been signed

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Russia cancels tariffs on certain components for gas engine vehicles

Autostat – Russia cancels tariffs on certain components for gas engine vehicles. Eurasian Economic Commission has decided to abolish the 3% import duties on gas injectors supplying fuel to cylinders,


The Ministry of Industry and Commerce expects a shrinkage of less than 5-7% in car production in 2016

Autostat – The shrinkage in car production in 2016 may remain below the previously predicted level of 5-7%, as stated by the deputy director of the Transport and Special Vehicles Department

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Car manufacturers were allowed extension to the completion period of localisation obligations – The car manufacturers, making production in Russia under the terms of the industrial assembly agreement, have received extension to the fulfillment period of obligations on localisation. “Car manufacturers were

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Minister of Industry and Commerce: “Russian car production may shrink by 5%-7% in 2016”

RusAutoNews.Com – Car production may go down by 5%-7% in Russia in 2016. The relevant statement has been made by the Minister of Industry and Commerce: Denis Manturov, as reported by TASS.

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Government support for the Russian automotive market has been extended

Vedomosti – The Russian government has extended the stimulation programme for automotive market in 2016 – fleet renewal (22.5 billion rubles allocated), induced car loans (11.3 billion rubles, including the

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137 billion rubles will be allocated on the support of automobile industry

TASS – Government support to industry sectors in difficulty continues, which includes the direct support to the automobile industry in the amount of 137.7 billion rubles in 2016. The relevant


A reduction has been proposed in the growth pace of the localisation of foreign car production

Rossiyskaya Gazeta – The Ministry of Economic Development has issued a departmental draft order, which proposes to set the localisation rate of industrial assembly of automobiles to 45% for the

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Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce expects to sign 10 new federal investment contracts

RusAutoNews.Com – About 10 special federal investment contracts, for projects with investment values amounting up to 250 billion rubles, will be signed in the next 3-5 months, as told by

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The government has approved the automotive industry support measures

Kommersant – Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev has signed a government decree, proposing a 50 billion rubles support for the Russian automotive industry in 2016. The head of the government