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Government has postponed the environmental tax and the implementation of age limits on commercial vehicles

Autostat – Russian ministry of industry and commerce has decided to postpone the law drafts on environmental tax and age limits on the usage of commercial vehicles. The draft was


Russian government intends to allocate 4.8 billion rubles on automotive for the third quarter

RusAutoNews.Com – The government of Russian Federation plans to allocate 4.824 billion rubles for the support of vehicle manufacturers, during the third quarter of the year. The draft of the

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Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce: ‘Car production will shrink by 23% this year.’

Prime – Deputy Minister of industry and commerce Gleb Nikitin has told that 1.4 million automobiles will be manufactured in the country this year, following a 23% decline, during the


Russian government has brought clarity to the concept of “Russian made”

RusAutoNews.Com – Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev has signed the Enactment number 719, which clarifies the criteria about the classification of an industrial product, as an industrial product which lacks the


Alexander Morozov has been appointed to the vice presidency of industry and commerce

Kommersant. – Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev has appointed Alexander Morozov as the new vice minister of industry and commerce, in replacement for Andrei Dutov. Morozov’s area of responsibility has


The period of the utilisation programme has been extended till the year-end in Russia

Kommersant – Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev has signed the bylaw, proposing the allocation of an additional resource of 5 billion rubles, in order to finance part of production expenses

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Russian ministry of economic development foresees a shrinkage of 18-20% in car production in Russia in 2015

Prime – A Russian ministry of economic development report predicts a shrinkage between 18-20% in the automotive sector of the country, for 2015. The minister of industry and commerce Denis


Russian government will offer protection to foreign car manufacturers against the exchange rate fluctuations

Kommersant – According to Kommersant newspaper via sectoral sources, the Russian government is getting ready to take measures, towards supporting the foreign car manufacturers making production in the country. Officials

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Russia wants to promote electric car production

Vedomosti – Eurasian Economic Commission will pull down the tariff rates implemented on the imports of parts and components used in electric car production and electric filling stations, manufactured outside

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St. Petersburg administration has asked the government to reduce the tariffs implemented on components used in truck assembly

TASS – St. Petersburg city administration has asked the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Commerce for the reduction of the tariffs implemented on the components used in truck assembly