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Russian automobile imports may shrink by 50% in 2015

Vedomosti – Avtostat executive director Sergei Udalov and VTB Kapital analyst Vladimir Bespalov have told Vedomosti that the automobile imports of Russia may reduce to half in 2015 year-on-year, due


Production of foreign brand automobiles has stopped in Russia

Izvestiya – The collapse of rouble and the falling demand have compelled the manufacturers to stop production. According to Izvestiya, Kaluga based PSMA Rus factory has stopped production as of

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Volkswagen will continue Audi assembly in Kaluga in 2015

Za rulyom – Volkswagen Group plans to continue Audi assembly at its Kaluga plant next year. The relevant statement has been made by the VW representative, speaking to Za rulyom.rf


Foreign brand car sales have stopped in Russia

RusAutoNews.Com – According to Kommersant, several major dealers in Russia have stopped the sales of foreign brand vehicles, due to the collapse of the rouble. One of the dealers speaking to


Russian car production has shrunk by 27.1% in November

RusAutoNews.Com – According to data published by the Russian Federal Statistics Service: Rosstat, 1.6 million automobiles have been manufactured in the country within the January-November period (-10.3%). The November production


Russian government is renewing its strategy in the automotive sector

Vedomosti – Russian government is renewing its strategy in the automotive sector. Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev has instructed the ministries of industry and commerce, economic development and finance to


Ford Otosan will manufacture trucks in Russia

RusAutoNews.Com – Ford Otosan has signed a memorandum of understanding with Avtotor Holding, proposing cooperation in truck and tow truck production in Russia. According to the statement made by the


Nissan has started the production of the new X-Trail at St. Petersburg factory, following capacity increase

Avtostat – St. Petersburg based Nissan factory has started the production of the new Nissan X-Trail model today. The model will be put on the market from 2015 onwards. Nissan

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Automobile imports have fallen by 20.3% in Russia within the January-October period

Autostat – According to data published by the Russian Federal Tariff Service (FTS), the number of automobiles imported to Russia has fallen by 20.3% year-on-year by the end of the


Russian automobile market has shrunk by only 1.1% in November

RusAutoNews.Com- According to data published by the Association of European Businesses (AEB), 229,439 new cars and light commercial vehicles have been sold in Russia in November. The year-on-year market shrinkage