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Ukrainian automobile market has dropped to its lowest level in 14 years

Avtostat – According to Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association: Ukravtoprom data, the automobile sales in the country have fallen 2.7 times in October year-on year, with 5891 vehicles. This has become


St. Petersburg Toyota factory starts the production of new Camry

RusAutoNews.Com – St. Petersburg Toyota factory will start the production of new Toyota Camry today. The sales price of the vehicle will start from 998,000 rubles in Russia. The model manufactured


AVTOVAZ personnel have made a protest against layoffs

Interfaks. – Russian Federation Communist Party representatives and independent union members organised at AVTOVAZ factory have held a public demonstration against the layoffs, in Tolyatti. A union representative has stated


Average salaries and automobile prices in Russia between 2008-2014

Avtostat – As of the first nine months of 2014, the average automobile price in Russia has been calculated as 990,000 rubles (+9.2%). The average salary for the aforementioned period

Commercial vehicles OEMs

Sollers-Isuzu has started the production of Forward-series trucks

RusAutoNews.Com – Sollers-Isuzu factory has completed the production of the first twelve trucks, from the sixth generation medium duty Isuzu Forward series. The Forward 18.0 (FVR34) model, with 4×2 wheel

OEMs Suppliers

GAZ and Bulten will manufacture fasteners in Nizhni-Novgorod

NAPI – GAZ Group and Swedish fasteners manufacturer Bulten have established a joint venture, which will operate on GAZ factory premises, under the name of Bulten-Rus. As one may remember,

Commercial vehicles Market

Russian LCV market is ranked fourth in Europe

RusAutoNews.Com – Russian light commercial vehicle market maintains its position as the fourth largest in Europe, despite shrinking for two consecutive years. Europe-wide the sales in the segment tend to grow


AVTOVAZ plans to increase production by 30% in 2015

Avtostat – AVTOVAZ chairman Bo Andersson has announced plans to manufacture 692,000 automobiles in 2015. The automobiles to be manufactured for Renault-Nissan alliance are included in this figure. The company had


The sales dynamics of new automobiles in January-September period

Autostat – 1.679 million automobiles have been sold in Russia within the first nine months of the year (-12.7%). Only six out of the best-sold thirty models have achieved to


Opel Corsa will be imported to Russia from Belarus

RusAutoNews.Com – According to, Opel Corsa automobiles will be supplied to Russia from Belarus, within the scope of the agreement signed between General Motors and YUNISON in 2013. The