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New inducement for Avtoframos

RBK – Moscow City Council has made a change in the act, regulating the income tax taken from car manufacturers operating in the city. While the tax rate stated in

Commercial vehicles Market

Russian truck market has shrunk by 16.5% in May 2014

Avtostat – Approximately 4700 16+ tonnes new trucks have been sold in Russia in May (-16.5%). Thereby, the number of trucks sold within the first months of the year has reached


Car production has declined by 3% in St. Petersburg in May

RusAutoNews.Com – According to Auto-Dealer-SPb agency data, St. Petersburg based Toyota, GM, Nissan and Hyundai factories have manufactured 164,900 automobiles during the January-April period of 2014 (-2%). Thereby, the share


Car production has risen by 5.9% in Russia in May

Avtostat – According to data published by the Russian Federal Institute of Statistics: Rosstat, 760,000 automobiles have been manufactured in Russia within the first five months of 2014 (-1.4%). The number


St. Petersburg car market has declined for the first time this year

RusAutoNews.Com – According to Auto-Dealer-SPb agency data, 78,921 new cars and light commercial vehicles have been sold in St. Petersburg within 2014 January-May period (-1%). 15,265 vehicles have been sold in

Commercial vehicles OEMs

Volvo Kaluga factory has stopped production

Kommersant – Volvo Trucks have announced that the production has been suspended at Kaluga factory. The company press office has stated that it’s traditional with Volvo Group Trucks to suspend production


Car components are the third best-sold product item online in Russia

Rossiyskaya gazeta – According to the Association of Russian e-Trade Companies (AKIT) survey, car components have become the third best-sold product item online in the country in 2013. Electronic goods


Mercedes-Benz and FIAT Chrysler may lose their rights to participate in government procurement tenders – Mercedes-Benz and FIAT Chrysler may lose their rights to participate in procurement tenders, organised by the Russian government. According to a new decree prepared by the government, however not

Commercial vehicles Market

Russian LCV market has shrunk by 15% in May

Avtostat – The sales of new light commercial vehicles have shrunk by 15% in Russia in May, with 10,250 vehicles. Thereby, the number of LCVs sold within the first five

OEMs Passenger cars

Nissan Russia factory has discontinued Infiniti production

RBK – St. Petersburg Nissan factory has discontinued the production of Infiniti model automobiles. From now on, the model will be replaced by Pathfinder. The expiration of the agreement signed between