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Commercial vehicles Market

Russian LCV market has shrunk by 15% in May

Avtostat – The sales of new light commercial vehicles have shrunk by 15% in Russia in May, with 10,250 vehicles. Thereby, the number of LCVs sold within the first five

OEMs Passenger cars

Nissan Russia factory has discontinued Infiniti production

RBK – St. Petersburg Nissan factory has discontinued the production of Infiniti model automobiles. From now on, the model will be replaced by Pathfinder. The expiration of the agreement signed between


Russian vehicle market has shrunk by 12% in May

RusAutoNews.Com – According to Association of European Business (AEB) data, the Russian new automobile and light commercial vehicle market has shrunk by 12% in May, with 201,487 vehicles. Thereby, the number

Import Export

Automobile imports have gone down by 15.3% in Russia during the first four months

RusAutoNews.Com – According to data published by the Russian Federal Customs House, the automobile imports into the country have gone down by 15.3% by the end of January-April period, with 251,800


Continental has opened its engine components factory

Avtostat – Continental has opened the engine components factory it has constructed in Kaluga. The facility, which was established with an investment of €24 million, right next to factories such


Nissan has started the test production of Pathfinder in its St. Petersburg factory

Itar-Tass – According to Itar-Tass, St. Petersburg Nissan factory has started the test production of Pathfinder model automobiles. The annual holidays are taken between 30 June and 13 July in Nissan.


AVTOVAZ is getting ready for new layoffs

Vedomosti – According to Vedomosti newspaper, Russia’s biggest car manufacturer: AvtoVAZ is getting ready for new layoffs, due to the negative trend in the market. The newspaper has reported that


Alexei Rakhmanov has left the automotive scene

Kommersant – As reported by Kommersant, one of the leading figures in Russian automotive: Alexei Rakhmanov will not be taking part in the automobile industry anymore. The Vice Minister in charge

Commercial vehicles OEMs

The merger of KamAZ and MAZ seems unlikely – The merging project of KamAZ and MAZ seems to have failed due to differences between Russian and Belarusian laws. According to sectoral experts, the negotiations have continued up


AvtoVAZ has started the production of Renault Sandero

RusAutoNews.Com – According to Russkiy Avtomobil Portal, AvtoVAZ has started the serial production of Renault Sandero Hatchback. The model will be put on the Russian market in June. AvtoVAZ intends