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AVTOVAZ has cut staff numbers for a seventh consecutive year

  Vedomosti.- Avtovaz has a total number of 35,028 employees, as told by the company chairman Yves Karakatzanis during his presentation. The speech took place at a plant managers meeting,

Industry OEMs

AVTOVAZ will increase workers’ salaries by 6.9%

RusAutoNews.Com – AVTOVAZ has announced 6.9% increase to tariff rates and salaries for its employees in Togliatti as of 01.07.2018. The adjustments will not affect the top management of the


The average number of employees has fallen by 15% in Avtovaz in a year

Finmarket – The average staff number at Avtovaz amounts to 43,224 people as of the end of September 2016, which indicates a 15.2% year-on-year decline, according to the company’s quarterly report.