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AVTOVAZ has suspended the financing of its projects

  Rambler.- As believed by the representatives of Avtovaz, investments in the new projects will be frozen until 30 June. The order on the decision has already been signed at

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The affiliate company of Avtovaz: GM-Avtovaz has changed its name

  RusAutoNewsCom.- As announced by Avtovaz press office, the affiliate company, formerly named as GM-Avtovaz, has been registered under the name of Lada Zapad Togliatti on 15 April. The logic

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AVTOVAZ acquires the shares of General Motors in GM-AVTOVAZ joint venture

  RusAutoNewsCom.- Avtovaz acquires the shares of General Motors in GM-Avtovaz joint venture, as reported by the press office of the company. The companies have signed an agreement, proposing the

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Forum/exhibition: Autoindustry.Autocomponents / 02-05.10.2018 in Togliatti

Expo-Togliatti. Autoindustry.Autocomponents 2018 is a B2B event based on these automotive manufacturers located in Togliatti, mainly AVTOVAZ, but also other Russian and global manufacturers (OEMs and suppliers) take part. The


Avtovaz develops a new engine for Chevrolet Niva

AvtoSreda.ru – Avtovaz develops a new engine for Chevrolet Niva. The 1.8 lt engine, which is likely to be prepared for the second generation of the model, has received the in-plant index


GM-AVTOVAZ has localised Chevrolet Niva by 95%

Autostat – The localisation rate of Chevrolet Niva automobiles has reached 95%. The relevant statement has been made to Autostat by the press office of GM-AVTOVAZ. Currently, there are no plans


Car production fell by 22.2% in Russia in November, in contrast with the 6.3% rise in truck production

RusAutoNews.Com. – According to data published by Russian Federal Statistics Service: Rosstat, 1.2 million automobiles have been manufactured within the January-November period (-23.6%). The November production figure is 100,000 vehicles


GM-AVTOVAZ production has shrunk by 22.6% in nine months

RusAutoNews.Com – As announced by GM-AVTOVAZ press office, 26,190 Chevrolet Niva have been manufactured within the first nine months of the year (-22.6%). The sales figure for the vehicle is


In 2014 Chevrolet Niva production has shrunk by 22% at GM-AVTOVAZ

Autostat – Tolyatti based GM-AVTOVAZ has manufactured 45,067 automobiles in 2014 (-22.2%). The company press office has announced the total number of vehicles sold in Russia and imported abroad as


GM-AvtoVAZ has resumed production, following the price agreement with AvtoVAZ

RusAutoNews.Com – GM-AvtoVAZ has resumed production on 21.05.2014, following a one-month break. As reported by Reuters, via sources close to the company, GM has accepted the price rise implemented by AvtoVAZ,