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Production shrank by a third at Lada Izhevsk factory within the first half of 2020

  Finmarket.- Lada Izhevsk car factory (part of Avtovaz Group) has manufactured 42,603 vehicles within the January-June period of 2020, as reported by the press service of the government of


IzhAvto has reduced its production plan for 2015

Interfax – AVTOVAZ affiliate Izhevsk Automobile Factory (IzhAvto) has pulled down its 2015 production plan from 106,000 automobiles to 75,000. AVTOVAZ chairman Bo Andersson has said the following: “The market


AVTOVAZ has started the serial production of Lada Vesta

Autostat.- The serial production of Lada Vesta has started in AVTOVAZ Izhevsk car factory. 1.6lt AVTOVAZ engines and Renault gearboxes are used in Vesta automobiles. Vesta is currently being manufactured


AvtoVAZ plans to develop two new C-class Lada models

RBK – Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ plans to extend its product range with two new C-class models, one large sedan and one crossover. According to Avtosreda, the company has already started


IzhAvto has increased production by 80% in March

Interfax – Izhevsk Car Factory (IzhAvto) has manufactured 9300 automobiles in March. This is equivalent to an 80% year-on-year increase. The press office of the factory has informed Interfaks that


IzhAvto has started the production of Nissan Tiida

Zr.ru – Izhevsk Automobile Factory (IzhAvto) has started the production of the new C-class hatchback automobile, specially designed by Nissan for Russian climate and road conditions, today. The new Nissan


IzhAvto has started the production of the new Nissan Tiida hatchback

RusAutoNews.Com- Izhevsk Car Factory (IzhAvto) has started the production of the new Nissan Tiida hatchback, designed on the basis of Nissan Sentra sedan. The automobile is equipped with 117 hp

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VEB will finance AVTOVAZ and IzhAvto

NAPI – Russian bank VEB will give 30 billion rubles credit to AVTOVAZ and AVTOVAZ affiliate: United Automobile Group (OAG). The aforementioned amount will be used in the modernisation of


IzhAvto will manufacture Nissan Sentra and Renault Logan

RusAutoNews.Com – Izhevsk Car Factory (IzhAvto) has announced that the production of a Nissan sedan model will start in August, to be followed by the hatchback version of the same model