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Nissan Sentra production has resumed in Russia

Vedomosti – The production of Nissan Sentra sedan has resumed at Lada Izhevsk plant (part of AVTOVAZ) in March 2017, as told by a Nissan representative to Vedomosti. The model has

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Daewon will open its second factory in Russia

RusAutoNews.Com –  Daewon will open its second factory in Russia. Avtovaz has reached an agreement with Daewon, which manufactures car seat frames for LADA Vesta, about the organisation of production in


AVTOVAZ has almost doubled the production of Lada Vesta

Vedomosti – AVTOVAZ Group has increased Lada Vesta production to 230 vehicles per day at its Izhevsk factory, as told by one of the contractors and a source close to