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Continental tire plant in Kaluga produces the 10-millionth tire

RusAutoNews.Com – As reported by the company press office, Continental tire plant celebrated the production of its 10,000,000 tire at its plant in Kaluga, only five years after the start


A new production record in Russia: 150,000 Volkswagen Tiguan

RusAutoNews.Com – Volkswagen Kaluga plant has manufactured the 150,000th Tiguan crossover since the start of the production of the model in Russia in 2008. As one may remember, the full-cycle production

Commercial vehicles OEMs

Volvo Kaluga plant will increase truck production

Autostat – Kaluga Volvo Vostok plant currently operates full-time and plans to increase the production of Volvo trucks this year. The company director Abuayub Abdenaisser has made the relevant statement and

Import Export OEMs

Volkswagen Group Rus has exported 10% of its vehicles in 2016

RNS – Volkswagen Group Rus has exported 10% of its Russian production vehicles in 2016, as told by the general director of the company: Marcus Osegowitsch at the RAF: Russian automobile


Kaluga plant of Volkswagen Group Rus has launched the full-cycle production of the new Tiguan

KalugaNews.com – Volkswagen Group Rus Kaluga factory has started the full-cycle production of the new Tiguan, which is the first Volkswagen crossover manufactured in Kaluga, built on a modular platform with


PSMA Rus will extend its model range with light commercial vehicles and crossovers

Autostat – PSA Group is close to a return to profitability in the region of Eurasia (Russia and CIS countries) and will resume investments in the Kaluga plant, as told


100 000 engines produced at the VW engine plant in Kaluga

RusAutoNews.Com – “Almost a year after the engine plant opening the company has produced 100,000 engines. Thanks to our long-term strategy aimed at the local production strengthening, we have an opportunity

Import Export OEMs

Volkswagen Group Rus has started car exports to Mexico

Vedomosti – Volkswagen Group Rus has started car exports to Mexico with the automobiles it manufactures in Russia. Mexico has been added to the list, alongside the CIS countries (Kazakhstan,


Volkswagen has produced one million cars in Kaluga

RusAutoNews.Com – Volkswagen Group Rus set a new record: the 1 000 000th car was produced at the Kaluga plant. Anniversary model is Volkswagen Polo Allstar equipped with the new


Kaluga PSMA Rus factory switches to four-days-a-week operation scheme

Autostat – PSMA Rus factory, based in Kaluga, switches to four-days-a-week working scheme as of February, within the frame of the annual car production plan for 2016, which aims to