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OEMs are not anticipating growth in Russian market this year

Vedomosti – Local and foreign car manufacturers operating in Russia have spoken cautiously about their evaluations on the Russian market for the year 2013. The Foreign Affairs Director of AutoVAZ Igor

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KAMAZ production has increased by 6% in 2012

RusAutoNews.Com – KAMAZ production has increased by 6% in 2012. KAMAZ has manufactured 51,355 trucks in 2012. Thereby, compared to the year 2011, the annual production has increased by 6%. The

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KAMAZ has manufactured 3728 trucks in November

Autostat – KAMAZ has manufactured 3728 trucks in November (-25% y/y). The company had rolled 5000 trucks out of the production line in the same period of the previous year. However,

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Daimler will supply Kamaz with 7000 engines annually

RBK – Kamaz will start using Daimler engines in order to upgrade to Euro-5 standard as from next year. The Kamaz vehicles equipped with Daimler engines will cost more than

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Kamaz has manufactured 4400 trucks in October 2012

RusAutoNews.Com – As announced by the company press office, Kamaz has manufactured 4397 heavy duty trucks in October 2012. With the inclusion of the October figures, the total number of

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Kamaz made a profit of 3.3 billion rubles within the nine months of 2012

RusAutoNews.Com – Kamaz has declared the net profit for Jan.-Sept. 2012 period as 3.927 billion rubles, as reported by the company press office. The company suffered a loss of 2.723