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AVTOVAZ has stopped the production of methane automobiles

  Autoreview.- Avtovaz has sent out a letter to its official dealers, announcing the suspension of the production of Lada vehicles with biofuel engines, operating with methane. There are only

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The government will stimulate the development of the gas fuel market

  Autostat.- The Russian government has issued a decree, which will increase the production of vehicles using natural gas fuel (CNG) as an engine fuel, as well as stimulating the

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AVTOVAZ has proposed measures for the maintenance of price ratios on methane and petrol

RNS – AVTOVAZ, the manufacturer of Lada hybrid cars, has proposed measures to increase demand for vehicles operating with petrol and compressed natural gas (methane, CNG), according to the presentation of

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The serial production of LADA Vesta CNG has begun

RusAutoNews.Com – As reported by the press-office, AVTOVAZ has launched the production  of LADA Vesta CNG. For the first time in the history of the brand, the dealers will receive an