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Rolled metal processing plant has started in Alabuga SEZ

RusAutoNews.Com – Rolled metal processing plant has started in Alabuga SEZ. As reported by the Ford Sollers press office, the company will optimise its supply chain thanks to a new metal

Industry Suppliers

Coskunoz Alabuga and MMK have started the construction of Metalworks Plant

RusAutoNews.Com – Ford Sollers will optimise its supply chain through the new steel service centre, established by Coskunoz Alabuga and MMK – Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works companies in Alabuga Special


MMK has become the biggest metal supplier of Russian automotive

Vedomosti – Magnitogorsk Metal Combine (MMK) has increased its supply to Russian automotive factories to 215,000 tonnes, following a 20% rise, within the first six months of the year. Thereby,