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AVTOVAZ will release 10 new Lada models in 6 years

  Motor.ru.- Avtovaz will manufacture 10 new Lada models and six upgraded versions of existing models in the next 6 years, as stated by the company. As told by the

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AVTOVAZ has registered new names for future LADA models

  RG.ru.- Avtovaz has registered three new commercial names for future Lada models: Tensa, Forta and Kayna. The names have been issued both in conjunction with the Lada brand and


AVTOVAZ will launch 12 new Lada models until 2026

RNS – AVTOVAZ plans to launch two new Lada models and update 4 by 2019 and 10 new models and seven updates by 2026, according to the company presentation. All the


Avtovaz intends to release 8 new Lada models in 10 years

RusAutoNews.Com – The model range of Lada will be expanded with new models in the next decade, including an ultra-budget model. Avtovaz intends to release 8 new Lada models in 10 years: