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Nissan has doubled its production in Russia within the first six months

ITAR-TASS – Nissan has increased its production by 90% in Russia during the first half of 2014, with 42,400 vehicles. The production has partly been made at the manufacturer’s factory

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Nissan Russia factory has discontinued Infiniti production

RBK – St. Petersburg Nissan factory has discontinued the production of Infiniti model automobiles. From now on, the model will be replaced by Pathfinder. The expiration of the agreement signed between


Nissan has started the test production of Pathfinder in its St. Petersburg factory

Itar-Tass – According to Itar-Tass, St. Petersburg Nissan factory has started the test production of Pathfinder model automobiles. The annual holidays are taken between 30 June and 13 July in Nissan.


IzhAvto will manufacture Nissan Sentra and Renault Logan

RusAutoNews.Com – Izhevsk Car Factory (IzhAvto) has announced that the production of a Nissan sedan model will start in August, to be followed by the hatchback version of the same model


The total number of automobiles in Russia has reached 36.9 million

Autostat – The total number of vehicles in Russia has grown by 5.1% in 2012, reaching 36.9 million vehicles. 37% of this figure is formed of Lada brand automobiles (13.67 million

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Toyota has generated the highest income in Russian vehicle market in 2012

Autostat – According to 2012 results, Toyota has generated the highest income in Russian vehicle market ($7.24 billion) throughout the year. This figure was $5.77 billion in 2011. Toyota is being

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AVTOVAZ Board has approved the contract of loan signed with NISSAN

Vedomosti – AVTOVAZ Board of Directors has approved the two loan agreements signed with the Russia representative of Nissan Manufacturing Rus. It has been stated in the Board resolution that the

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282,000 cars have been manufactured in St Petersburg within the first 9 months

RusAutoNews.Com – The car factories established in St Petersburg have broken a new record. According to Auto-Dealer-SPb data, Toyota, GM, Nissan and Hyundai have manufactured a total number of 282,000