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The net loss of Kamaz has reached 3.2 billion rubles at the end of H1 2019

  RusAutoNewsCom.- As reported by the company press office, Kamaz has made a net loss of 3.2 billion rubles according to IFRS within the first half of 2019, in contrast

Commercial vehicles OEMs

Total revenue of KAMAZ has grown by 4% within nine months

RusAutoNewsCom. – The total revenue of Kamaz has risen by 4 billion rubles or 4% year-on-year within the January-September period of 2018, to 98.6 billion rubles. Despite the growth in

Commercial vehicles OEMs

Kamaz has made a net profit of 339 million rubles in 2016

RusAutoNews.Com – The net profit of Kamaz has amounted to 339 million rubles in 2016, in contrast with the previous year’s loss of 2 billion rubles, as stated in the corporate


The revenue of KAMAZ has increased by 27% in 10 months

Finmarket. – The revenue of KAMAZ has increased by 27% year-on-year within the January-October period of 2016, to 91 billion rubles, as published in the corporate newsletter of the company.