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Fake spare parts problem faced by Russian automobile companies

Zr.ru – Automotive companies operating in Russia suffer great losses due to fake spare parts. BMW, being one of the companies, has started to warn its clients against the damages


Russian Automobile Insurers Association has updated its components and service prices catalogue

Kommersant – Russian Automobile Insurers Association (RSA) has re-calculated the average component and equipment prices and the hourly unit rates on car services. Accordingly, the component and equipment prices have

Import Export Suppliers

Russia may remove the ban on the parallel imports of car components

RBK – As stated by the official newspaper of Russian state: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the Federal Competition Authority (FAS) has the intention to permit the parallel imports of car components. However,


The magnitude of the Russian car components market has exceeded $22.5 million

Autostat – The volume of the Russian vehicle park, formed of more than 1000 models -some of which have several generations- and tens of thousands of modifications, is heading towards

Aftermarket OEMs

Volkswagen Group is launching a new sales programme for components

AutoBusiness Review – Volkswagen Group is giving start to the project, concerning the sales of original components to independent service stations, this month. 14% of the company’s turnover had been generated