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Isuzu buses will be manufactured in Ulyanovsk

RusAutoNews.Com – Isuzu Rus, the government of Ulyanovsk Region and Simaz have signed a memorandum of understanding, proposing bus production on Isuzu chassis. According to the conditions of the memorandum, the

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Isuzu Rus has launched the production of heavy trucks

Autostat – Isuzu Rus Ulyanovsk plant has launched a line for the assembly of C and E truck series. The annual planned production figure is around 400 units. The volume will

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Isuzu is getting ready for the launch of heavy truck production in Ulyanovsk

Finmarket – Isuzu plans to start truck production at the end of February 2017, at its production site in Ulyanovsk, as told by the general director of Isuzu Rus Fabrice Gorlier


Bridgestone has started tyre production in Russia

RusAutoNews.com – As stated by the government of Ulyanovsk region, Bridgestone Corporation has built its first car tyre factory within the territory of Russia and the CIS countries in Ulyanovsk region,

Commercial vehicles OEMs

Isuzu Rus will start the production of heavy trucks in Russia

RNS – The first test assembly of Isuzu heavy truck prototypes is planned for February 2017 and the serial production for March 2017. The relevant statement has been made to RNS

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Martur Russia has started manufacturing car seats for Renault Kaptur

Autostat – Martur Russia, established in Ulyanovsk region, has launched a new range of car seats for Renault Kaptur. The current daily production capacity is 200 sets of seats, however,

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Bridgestone Russia will establish a factory in Ulyanovsk Region in May

TASS – Bridgestone Russia is opening its first factory in Russia and CIS in Ulyanovsk region in May. The relevant statement has been made by the governor of Ulyanovsk region:


MAG has plans to manufacture buses and trucks in Ulyanovsk

RusAutoNews.Com – According to the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce, a memorandum of understanding, proposing the establishment of six bus and truck production plants in the region, has been


BAW has started the production of a new truck in Ulyanovsk

RusAutoNews.Com – Chinese manufacturer BAW is starting the production of the 33462-102 Fenix model, a new flatbed truck with gas-petrol engine, in Ulyanovsk. The engine of the truck belongs to

Industry Suppliers

NEMAK inaugurates a new plant in Ulyanovsk

  RusAutoNewsCom.- Nemak, a leading provider of innovative lightweighting solutions for the global automotive industry announced today the inauguration of its new plant in the Zavolzhye Industrial Zone in Ulyanovsk,