AMO ZiL will restart production as from March 2013

AMO ZiL will restart production as from March 2013

Vedomosti – AMO ZiL Car Factory will restart production in March 2013, as stated by the Mayor of Moscow: Sergei Sobyanin, during a televised interview. Sobyanin has told that environment-friendly new vehicles that satisfy the demands of the market will be manufactured in the factory, rather than the old models.

Moscow City Government – led by Sobyanin- and Sberbank had established a company under the name of MosavtoZiL, in order to organise the contract-based assembly production of medium-tonnage trucks and cars at ZiL, this year in May.

The names of Renault, FIAT-Chrysler and Hyundai had been pronounced as potential customers of the company, but up to now, out of the aforementioned companies, only Renault has formally admitted that they are interested in making production at AMO ZiL.

The Russian Antitrust Agency (FAS), on the other hand, allowed MosavtoZiL to acquire Saratov’s Himeks Group in August. Himeks has a -not yet activated- Industrial Assembly Regime agreement with the Russian government.

Sergei Sobyanin has added that less than one-third of ZiL premises will be allocated for automobile production and the remaining land will be reclaimed for construction of residential homes, administrative buildings and sport complexes. The 300 hectare ZiL premises is situated in a relatively central area of Moscow and ranked amongst the most valuable lands in the city.