AvtoVAZ is planning to manufacture 800,000 automobiles in 2013

AvtoVAZ is planning to manufacture 800,000 automobiles in 2013

RusAutoNews.Com – AvtoVAZ Foreign Affairs Director Igor Burenkov has stated that the company is planning to increase production by 100,000 vehicles in comparison with the previous year, in order to reach a total number of 800,000. Without giving any specific model names, Burenkov has added that the extra 100,000 vehicles will be formed of orders placed by Renault-Nissan.

Apart from its own models, AvtoVAZ has a BO line in Tolyatti with a capacity of 350,000. Lada Largus’ are manufactured on this line. It should be remembered that the company also makes production at IzhAvto factory, established in Izhevsk.

According to Vedomosti newspaper, Renault production will start in Tolyatti, as from the second half of 2013. As an unconfirmed news, Logan will be one of the models to be manufactured in the factory. As is known, the only production facility of Renault in Russia is situated in Moscow. The company representative speaking to the newspaper has stated that the capacity of Moscow Avtoframos factory is 188,000 and it’s possible to meet the demand in Russia with the help of the additional production volume at Tolyatti and Izhevsk, moreover, even the export numbers can be increased.

Nissan has a production facility with a capacity of 50,000 in St.Petersburg only. The company is willing to increase this capacity before 2014. As one may remember, Carlos Gohn had announced that Datsun production will be organised in Tolyatti.

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