Avtovaz will lay off 1100 experts and directors

Avtovaz will lay off 1100 experts and directors

Vedomosti. – Avtovaz has informed the trade union about the layoff of 1100 experts and directors on 14.01.2015. In Russia, the employers have the obligation to give notice for layoffs three months in advance. In other words, the layoffs will start in April.

Currently, Avtovaz has 52,000 employees, 10,000 of which are in managerial positions. The market conditions are shown as the reason behind the layoffs. 387,307 Lada were sold in Russia in 2014 (-15%).

The number of employees and the average number of automobiles manufactured per employee at Avtovaz by years:

avtovaz personel

Graphic: Vedomosti

The average managerial salary in Avtovaz is 30,000 rubles. The company expects to save 400 million rubles annually, as a result of layoffs. According to company reports, 12.5 billion rubles out of the total cost, calculated as 83.7 billion rubles for the first half of 2014, has been spent on salaries and social expenditures.