Car prices have risen in Russia as of September

Car prices have risen in Russia as of September

Autostat – A series of car manufacturers have decided to increase vehicle prices in Russia as of September. AVTOVAZ has announced a 3% price increase on all models except Priora, from 1 September onwards.

Japanese manufacturer Mazda has also pushed up the prices of all its models sold in Russia by 4%-7%.

Kommersant newspaper has written, according to dealer information, that Citroen and Peugeot (3%), Suzuki (6%) and Ford (2-4%) have all applied price rises.

Honda has cancelled the planned discount on its only new model in the Russian market. Thereby, the price of CR-V has risen by 2-5%. The special prices set for Elegance 2.4 and Sport 2.4 are still valid, on the other hand.

GM-AVTOVAZ has increased the price of Chevrolet Niva by 2%. This is the fourth markup implemented by the manufacturer this year.

According to Vedomosti, Hyundai is expected to increase the prices by 3%-7% this week. Renault has also marked up the prices twice in August (average 3%). Datsun was another brand which implemented a price rise in August (3-4%). Nissan has also increased Juke prices last month, by 6.7%-7.3%. Chinese Great Wall was amongst the brands which increased prices at the end of the month (2.8%-3.3%).

The sectoral analysts state that the manufacturers have risen the prices based on the prediction that the ruble will lose value against dollar and euro.