The structure of Russian automotive in 2015

The structure of Russian automotive in 2015

RusAutoNews.Com – Autostat has published the automobile production structure in Russia for 2015. The car factories in Russia have manufactured a total number of slightly more than 1.2 million passenger cars in 2015, which indicates a 27% year-on-year decline or down by 450,000 vehicles in quantitative terms.

AVTOVAZ, established in Tolyatti, had 28.7% share of car production last year. The factory has manufactured approximately 347,000 Lada, Renault, Nissan and Datsun vehicles (-20%). Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus (19% share) occupies the second place, with a production figure of nearly 230,000 Hyundai Solaris and KIA Rio vehicles (-3%). Volkswagen Group Rus comes third with 8% share, manufacturing 97,000 vehicles. The market shares of the remaining companies are as follows: Avtotor – 7.6%, IzhAvto – 6%, GAZ – 3.4%, Ford Sollers – 2.9%, GM-AVTOVAZ – 2.8%, Nissan Manufacturing Rus – 2.7%, Toyota Motor – 2.7%, UAZ – 2.3% and Peugeot Citroen Mitsubishi – 2.1%.

Out of all car factories, only UAZ (+10%) and Nissan Manufacturing Rus (+7) have displayed positive production dynamics.

However, UAZ has recently announced underutilisation of capacity at the factory, which may be the reason behind the shift to 4-days-a-week operation regime as of the first of June. GM-AVTOVAZ has been operating in a single shift since February, doubling the speed of assembly in return, as stated by the company.

Russian automobile market has shrunk by 35.7% in 2015, according to Association of European Businesses (AEB) data.