Avtovaz intends to release 8 new Lada models in 10 years

Avtovaz intends to release 8 new Lada models in 10 years

RusAutoNews.Com – The model range of Lada will be expanded with new models in the next decade, including an ultra-budget model. Avtovaz intends to release 8 new Lada models in 10 years:

“We are getting ready to renew our Lada model range in full within the next 10 years, with 8 new models. As I said previously, the first model to be launched at the end of next year will be the estate wagon Lada Vesta Cross” – told by the Chairman of Avtovaz: Nicolas Maure to kolesa.ru portal.

The other new Lada models to be included in the pool of new products can only be assumed for the moment. Probably, the regular version of Vesta estate and the cross-type sedan of the model, the serial prospect of which has already been determined, will be amongst the new releases. The all-wheel drive Lada Xray Cross will also be a part of the model range.

Avtovaz has presented the conceptual crossover Lada Xcode at Moscow Auto Show, which took place late Summer this year. It’s assumed that the model will replace Lada Kalina hatchback, with adjustments to positioning and target audience.

Obviously, the updated Lada 4×4 SUV from the current generation and its successor, which may grow in size and lose utility, will compete for buyers in the compact crossovers segment.

In addition, according to Nicolas Maure, Avtovaz will organise two very interesting events in the period between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Perhaps, the aforementioned events relate to the facelift of Lada Granta and Kalina, as well as the launch of Lada Connect.

As one may remember, the head of Avtovaz has previously mentioned the production possibility of an ultra-budget model, with a price below the average market minimum, around 395,000 rubles.