Lexus has set a new sales record in Russian market in 2016

Lexus has set a new sales record in Russian market in 2016

RusAutoNews.Com –  According to the data published by Lexus Russia, the company has established a record in terms of sales volumes in Russian market in 2016, with 24,117 automobiles. The sales figure of the company has risen by 19.2% year-on-year.

The share of Lexus in premium segment has risen by 3.4% in comparison with 2015, to 16.1%, which allowed Lexus to climb 3 positions in 2016 rankings. 

RX (7848 vehicles sold), NX (6782) and LX (6402) were the bestsellers in the model range of Lexus in 2016. Lexus RX and Lexus LX models have broken their all-time sales records in Russia with the aforementioned sales figures.

Business-Sedan ES has become the most popular model in the sedan range of Lexus in 2016 with 2058 units, up by 5.8% year-on-year.

Lexus has set a record in terms of quarterly sales during the fourth quarter of the year, with 6744 vehicles. The second and third quarters of the year were also registered as record breaking quarters.

Lexus has sold 21,693 crossovers and SUV in 2016, taking the first place in terms of sales in the Russian premium SUV segment, with a share of 20.5%.