St. Petersburg Toyota plant has increased production by 19% in 2016

St. Petersburg Toyota plant has increased production by 19% in 2016

Autostat – St. Petersburg Toyota plant has manufactured 39,061 automobiles in 2016 – a 19% year-on-year increase. The relevant statement has been made by the company press office to Autostat, highlighting the figures of the year as the best ever in the history of the plant.

In particular, 31,117 Toyota Camry business-sedans and 7944 RAV4 crossovers have been manufactured in 2016. As one may remember, Toyota RAV4 production started in St. Petersburg Toyota plant last year in August. Toyota St. Petersburg has been operating in two shifts since December 2016, thanks to the introduction of the second model. 800 new jobs have been created in the plant, during the preparation process for Toyota RAV4 production. The staff number of the plant has reached maximum as a result, to 2350 people. 

Previously, in 2015, the annual production capacity of the St. Petersburg Toyota plant had been doubled from 50,000 automobiles to 100,000. The investment made in the capacity expansion project for the facility and Toyota RAV4 production currently amounts to 9.7 billion rubles. 

RAV4 crossover has become the bestselling Toyota model in Russia in 2016, following a sales increase of 13% to 30,603 units. The model is now the undisputed leader of its segment as a result, increasing its market share to 23.5%. Camry business-sedan is the second most popular amongst Toyota models, which was preferred by 28,603 clients (-7%). Toyota Camry has also consolidated its leadership in the business-sedan segment in Russia last year, with 35.7% share.  

In addition, St. Petersburg Toyota plant continues automobile production for Kazakh and Belarusian markets. 3398 automobiles have been delivered to the aforementioned countries in 2016 (+65%), 356 Camry and RAV4 vehicles respectively (+37%).