Daimler and Kamaz will begin the production of a new truck in 2019

Daimler and Kamaz will begin the production of a new truck in 2019

RusAutoNews.Com – A press conference was held within the framework of the Comtrans-2017 International Commercial Vehicles Exhibition in Moscow. The general director of KAMAZ Sergei Kogogin has talked about the joint plans of Daimler and Kamaz.

One of the latest KAMAZ projects – the new generation KAMAZ-54901 long-haul tractor – has been presented during the press conference, which made its premiere in the exhibition. Ergonomics, convenience and  driver comfort were taken into account during the creation of the cabin of the new vehicle, in order to meet all modern requirements. New modern materials, along with elegant colour schemes, combined with the highest quality of manufacturing and assembly, have raised the interior and the exterior design of the cabin to a new level. KAMAZ-54901 is equipped with the new ZF Traxon automated gearbox and a completely new type of engine – inline R6. The engine is amongst the best in the world in its class and has a high potential for further development, in accordance with consumer characteristics.

“We have developed our strategy on the shift to the premium-segment, – said the director of KAMAZ, answering questions from journalists, while explaining the combination of high technical characteristics and options within the same model – It’s very complicated for the company, however, there’s no other way.” According to Kogogin, the pilot-industrial lot of the index 54901 vehicles is planned to be released next year. The serial production of the model will start in 2019. The complete transition to the series will happen in 2022” – he added.

The head of the automotive giant has noted that there is a bright future ahead of the project, which is one of the main undertakings of the company. A new plant for the production of K5 generation cabin carcasses has been built in cooperation with Daimler in short time, for the implementation of the project. The vehicles will be equipped with the new inline 6-cylinder P6 engines, alongside the new cabin. A new conveyor has been prepared for this operation at KAMAZ engine plant.

The company plans to enter the world market with the new vehicle. “We’ll gladly look for partners beyond the Russian Federation, in order to sell our product throughout the world. Entering the markets of the CIS countries is our primary intention. We expect to get a foothold in the European market too” – said Kogogin.

The driverless Shuttle bus, created in cooperation with NAMI, has also been exhibited at KAMAZ stand in Comtrans-2017. In this regard, a number of questions has been asked by the media members, concerning the transport management of unmanned technology and the appearance of these vehicles on Russian roads. “I can not tell when the driver will leave the cabin, however, it will definitely happen within our lifetime” – stated Sergei Kogogin. The absence of a legal framework is one of the factors, hindering the development of the unmanned vehicle technology, according to Kogogin. Unmanned vehicles will enter our lives as soon as legal and ethical issues are resolved.

Taking into account the realities of today and the production rate of KAMAZ, the company director has noted that the factory will operate without work stoppages in the second half of the year. “As of the start of today, the assembly rate exceeds 190 vehicles per day. The rate will go beyond 200 vehicles in October, therefore, the task is to keep up with this pace until the end of the year. Our intention is to increase the business plan to 36,000 trucks and reach 39,000 units in sales this year” – as stressed by the general director of KAMAZ.