AVTOVAZ will resume Lada production in Egypt

AVTOVAZ will resume Lada production in Egypt

RNS – AVTOVAZ will resume Lada production in Egypt. Lada Granta will be manufactured at the facilities of al Amal, as told by the company chairman Nicolas Maure to journalists. 

“We have a local partner in Egypt. Assembly from car kits is limited today at the facility in terms of production volumes, however, we are considering the restart of the programme, in Kazakhstan, Egypt, alongside other possible markets” – Maure said. The operations may start in 2018, according to the chairman.

The plant made the serial Lada production in Egypt until April, continuing with the production of small series since.

The factory has an annual capacity of 4500 vehicles with the possibility to increase the amount to 8000-9000 units, as written in Rostec website.

AVTOVAZ assembles Lada vehicles in Kazakhstan and makes exports to CIS countries, Europe and Cuba. The exports have risen by 61.6% year-on-year during the first nine months of 2017, to 18,150 units.