Daimler Kamaz Rus has broken a record in Russia in 2017

Daimler Kamaz Rus has broken a record in Russia in 2017

RusAutoNews.Com – Daimler Kamaz Rus has broken a record in the sales of Mercedes-Benz trucks in 2017, following a 170% year-on-year growth. The sales of Fuso trucks have risen significantly as well, by 37%. In addition, the sales of Mercedes-Benz buses have increased by 40% in 2017, as reported by the press office of the company.

“The sales of Mercedes-Benz trucks have grown at a significant rate, in parallel with the economic recovery and favourable market conditions. Many customers had postponed the purchases of new vehicles previously. The chance to renew the auto fleets has arrived now” – as commented by the general director of Daimler Kamaz Rus: Andreas Deuschle.

70% of Mercedes-Benz trucks and 100% of Fuso trucks sold in 2017 were manufactured at the factory in Naberezhnye Chelny. A total number of over 23,000 vehicles have been manufactured at Daimler Kamaz Rus factory in Naberezhnye Chelny until the end of 2017: more than 14,000 Mercedes-Benz and more than 9000 Fuso trucks. In order to meet the rising demand for Mercedes-Benz and Fuso trucks, the factory has switched to a three-shift schedule in August 2017.

The construction of a factory, for the production of cabin carcasses, has also been completed in Naberezhnye Chelny last year. The plant is currently being installed with the necessary equipments. The production is planned to be launched in 2019. The new site is established on an area of 59,600 m2 and the production capacity is 50,000 cabins per year.

The turnover of Daimler Kamaz Rus has increased by 131% and the profit (EbiT) by 88%. The after-sales services have also grown significantly. The turnover of the company in Mercedes-Benz sales has risen by 36% and by 57% in Fuso. “A year as successful as 2017 has never been experienced in the history of Daimler Kamaz Rus” – as noted by the Financial Director: Oksana Karakhova.

Three new authorised truck dealer centres, built in accordance with the German quality standards of Daimler AG, have been added to the dealer network of Mercedes-Benz last year. The expansion of the network, not only in quantitative terms, but also in terms of quality is within the future plans of the company: promotion of service partners to the rank of dealers etc.