Sollers predicts a growth of 15-20% in Mazda and Ford sales in 2018

Sollers predicts a growth of 15-20% in Mazda and Ford sales in 2018

TASS – According to Sollers’ prediction, the sales of Mazda and Ford automobiles will increase by 15-20% in Russia in 2018, as told by the general director of the company Vadim Shvetsov to journalists.

“The sales figures differ amongst our brands. We don’t expect a growth in UAZ sales. However, we expect a rise of 15%, possibly 20%, in the sales of our partnership brands, Mazda and Ford ” – he said.

According to Shvetsov, the weakening of the ruble will have a negative effect on automobile sales.

“The question is, what sort of a recovery should we expect? Of course, the exchange rates have a great effect on the automotive industry. For that reason, if the dollar exceeds 60 rubles -around 62 rubles-, it will become a serious factor pushing the prices up and reducing customer demand in return. The situation is complicated and no-one can make a prediction about the recovery process. Therefore, if the circumstances were the same as the beginning of the year, we could expect a significant growth in the sales of our foreign brands” – added the general director of Sollers.

Sollers is a Russian car company, operating in partnership with manufacturers such as; SsangYong, Mazda and Ford. The company manufactures Russian UAZ SUVs, Korean SsangYong, as well as petrol and diesel ZMZ engines at its production sites.