The government will allocate 1.5 billion rubles subsidy to the industry

The government will allocate 1.5 billion rubles subsidy to the industry

RNS – The government of Russian Federation will allocate a 1.5 billion rubles subsidy for car, agricultural and railway vehicle manufacturers, as told by the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev at a government meeting.

“1.5 billion rubles will be distributed within the framework of the priority project: “International Cooperation and Exports in the Industry”. The subsidy funds will be available to the manufacturers of cars and agricultural and railway vehicles” – as stated by Medvedev.

As explained by the PM, the funds will be aimed at the compensation of part of expenditures on the creation of an after-sales services system, which will enable the establishment of at least 30 service centres.

Medvedev has added that another 400 million rubles subsidy will be allocated on the support of small, medium and new businesses, including peasants and farmers.

Medvedev has stated that the funds will be used to co-finance the construction of a business incubator in Kaluga region, the Lipetsk Technopark in Lipetsk region, the Tutaevsk Industrial Park “Master” in Yaroslavl region and the industrial parks in Safronova in Smolensk region and Aurora in Dagestan.

“We will allocate an additional amount of 878 million rubles to Voronezh region and Mari El Republic. The funds will finance 127 investment projects, related to agricultural production” – Medvedev continued.

“Another 57 million rubles will be allocated on agricultural vehicle production, in connection with the guaranteed repurchase of products” – Medvedev concluded.