AVTOVAZ will discontinue the assembly of Nissan Almera

AVTOVAZ will discontinue the assembly of Nissan Almera


RNS. – Nissan Motor plans to end the cooperation with Avtovaz on the joint production of Nissan Almera, as told by the official representative of the Japanese company to RNS.

The representative said: “The production of Almera will discontinue in the Togliatti plant more or less by October 2018, due to the falling demand for the model. We expect that the dealers will have sold all Almera automobiles by March 2019”.

As highlighted by the company representative, Nissan is currently exploring options to replace the Almera model with a crossover. Nissan has not decided neither on the model nor the terms of assembly at Avtovaz yet.

“We are inclined towards a crossover” – was the reply given by Nissan to a question about the new model to replace Nissan Almera.

As stated previously, Nissan Manufacturing Rus has paid a compensation of 1.9 billion rubles to Avtovaz, to cover the losses resulting from the early termination of the production of Nissan automobiles at Avtovaz plant in Izhevsk.