Government will continue to support Russian Machines through government procurements

Government will continue to support Russian Machines through government procurements


RNS. – The Ministry of Industry and Commerce plans to continue supporting Russian Machines of Oleg Deripaska through government and municipal procurements, as told by the minister of industry and commerce Denis Manturov to journalists.

“Russian Machines will be supported in any case, since in practice 85% of the purchases and supply of ambulances and buses accounts for GAZ Group” – Manturov said.

Manturov has also mentioned the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, which previously participated in the delivery of its products to the regions.

“I’m sure that UAZ will continue its participation even now. There’s a demand for UAZ vehicles in the regions, especially in difficult terrain. For that reason, I only gave you rough proportions, which simply works out in an objective way in practice. Therefore, a great majority will account for GAZ Group” – said the minister.

Manturov has noted that the Ministry will use the practice of sole executor during the state purchases.

“We will have a sole executor in any case, as we always had and the practice will be maintained within the framework of the purchases until the end of the year. No drastic changes are expected” – Manturov said.

As reported previously, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce made a proposal to purchase automobiles and road construction vehicles for the subjects of Russia and municipal requirements, due to the fact that the Russian Machines and GAZ Group of Oleg Deripaska were in the sanctions list of the United States.

However, the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service did not support the draft resolution of the Russian government, formulated by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The United States has imposed sanctions against 24 Russian individuals and 11 legal entities on 6 April. Oleg Deripaska and the companies controlled by him -En+ Group, GAZ Group, Basic Element and Rusal- have been included in the sanctions list.