Russian Government intends to support the development of metal production

Russian Government intends to support the development of metal production

TASS. – The Ministry of Industry and Commerce is ready to provide state support for the establishment of rolled metal production for the automotive industry, due to the uncompetitiveness of the current quality of production. The relevant statement has been made by the deputy minister Alexander Morozov at a forum.

“The metallurgists have forgotten how to make complex parts. They can not produce complex steels – high-chromium, they can not manufacture the thinnest hot-rolled steel. The technology has been lost” – according to Morozov. “We have made a deal with them and formulated a state programme for the development of the competency and materials for the automotive industry, in cooperation with the state scientific centre TsNIIchermet. With state support, we will develop technologies for metallurgists and co-finance the necessary equipment”.

According to Morozov, the majority of Russian car component manufacturers have left the market due to the lack of competitiveness, caused by the problems in the 90’s.

On the other hand, a representative of Novolipetsk Steel Company has stated that the company has high technology, however, there’s not much demand for the product in the domestic market. “We have the technology, which is ahead of the demand in Russian market” – he said.

In the meantime, the deputy minister believes that the the situation is not in the favour of Russian metallurgists in the export markets. “The methods of technical regulations in foreign markets started to change against our metallurgists” – he said. Morozov is of the opinion that this situation will contribute to the development of the domestic demand.