Avtovaz has started the production of Lada Largus on methane

Avtovaz has started the production of Lada Largus on methane


RusAutoNewsCom.- Russian car manufacturer Avtovaz has started the production of methane-fuelled Lada Largus, as stated by the company press office.

As part of dual-fuel car range expansion, Lada presents Largus, the practical estate model, running on both petrol and methane. Gas equipment is installed on light commercial and 5-seater passenger versions of Largus: van, 5-seater estate and Largus Cross. Methane usage cuts fuel expenses three times, extends engine life and improves the environmental friendliness of the automobile, according to the company statement.

All vehicles in Lada Largus CNG family are equipped with 1.6l 16-valve Lada engines and manual gearboxes. The natural gas is pumped into a 90-litre cylinder designed for 22 cubic metres of compressed methane. A 50-litre regular gas tank is saved at the same time. Lada Largus has a cruising range of over 1000 km, once fully refuelled. The automobile always starts with petrol and automatically shifts to natural gas, following the warming up of the engine. Petrol usage is resumed, if the gas runs out. Switching from one type of fuel to another can be manually done, using the button located on the instrument panel, where LEDs are located, indicating the gas supply on board.

The prices of Lada Largus CNG and Largus CNG Cross start from 754,000 and 813,400 rubles respectively.

Avtovaz had started the production of the methane version of Lada Vesta, as reported previously.