Kamaz will start the serial production of driverless trucks in 2025

Kamaz will start the serial production of driverless trucks in 2025


TASS.- The serial production of driverless trucks will be launched in 2025, as told by the head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov to TASS, during the International Defence Exhibition.

“The first road trials of the unmanned trucks will start soon. The serial production of the vehicles may start by 2025” – Chemezov said.

“The prototype of the unmanned truck has been built on the base of Kamaz 5350 series. The model differs from the standard model with additional equipment, such as: radars, lidar, video cameras, connection systems and other electronic systems on board, by which the truck has the ability to move without a driver” – as told by the Rostec chairman.

In addition, a joystick has been developed for the truck with auto-pilot for remote control.

Kamaz develops trucks with driver assistance and autonomous traffic systems. The prototype of the first Russian driverless truck was created in 2015, on the base of Kamaz 5350 with an all-wheel drive 6×6 chassis. The vehicle can drive along specified routes without driver assistance. The truck identifies road markings and signs, as well as other road users, including pedestrians, through an artificial intelligence system.

Also, a 12-seater driverless SHUTTLE – Kamaz 1221 has been tested on a special highway in Kazan in June 2018. A 650m long path has been chosen for the demonstration of the capabilities of the vehicle along the bank of River Kazanka, located within a fenced closed area.

Kamaz is the world’s 16th largest heavy trucks manufacturer. The company also occupies the eighth spot amongst the largest diesel engine producers worldwide. The group’s technological chain includes 11 large-scale automobile plants and auxiliary business units.