President has demanded a speed-up in the switching process to gas engine

President has demanded a speed-up in the switching process to gas engine


RBK.- The Russian president has urged a speed-up in the development process of the gas engine automobile market in the country. The president has set the task for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce during a meeting with the minister Denis Manturov, as reported by TASS.

Putin is of the opinion that the support measures for the development of the projects on the switch to gas engine vehicles could have been taken more efficiently. Manturov has explained that the ministry acts in cooperation with Gazprom on the relevant topic.

“There is more activity in terms of support for municipal procurement in the regions where the networks of gas filling stations are developed and the commercial transport is also actively switching to gas-engine fuel. The transformation will have more profitable and economical results by the end of the whole life cycle” – Manturov stated.

The head of the government had instructed the government to develop a programme to expand the use of gas fuel in the country last spring. Plans for the territorial distribution of gas stations and gas pipeline infrastructure are expected to be developed. In addition, there are plans to expand the gas engine vehicle fleet in the country.

As told by the president later on, the use of gas fuel has the priority over electric vehicles in Russia currently. Putin has made the relevant statement as part of ecological considerations.

Avtovaz has announced the launch of the serial production of the CNG version of Largus model with a hybrid engine, which runs on both petrol and liquefied natural gas, in February. Gas cylinder equipment is installed on vans and 5-seater estate models, as well as the Cross version of Largus. The vehicles are equipped with 1.6 l, 16-valve gas engine, with capacities of 106 and 94 hp on petrol and methane versions respectively. A 90 l cylinder, designed for 22 cubic metres of compressed methane, has been added to the standard 50 l gas tank.