The development prospects of gas fuel market have been discussed at Avtovaz

The development prospects of gas fuel market have been discussed at Avtovaz


RusAutoNewsCom.- A meeting on the development of gas fuel market in Russian Federation and the stimulation of demand and supply of vehicles running on natural gas has been held at the production site of Avtovaz.Anton Inyutsyn, the Russian deputy minister of energy has given a speech about the factors and measures of the relevant government policy. “First of all, the priority is on the development of the refuelling infrastructure. The subject does not only cover the refuelling of professional carriers, municipal vehicles and bus fleets, but also the creation of a base for the development of personal transport on natural gas” – Inyutsyn said.

The deputy minister has stated that the size of the CNG filling stations network will more than triple and reach 1500 units by 2025 and extending further to 2300 stations by 2030. Also, a network of 200 LNG fuel stations is planned to be established along the key federal highways for long-haul cargo transportation by heavy trucks by 2030. In addition, there are plans to create LNG bunkering in ports, alongside the construction of equipment points, where LNG locomotives will be fuelled.

According to Viktor Zubkov, the chairman of Gazprom Board of Directors, works are being implemented in the regions for the acquirement of gas-fuel vehicles – buses, utility vehicles, commercial transport and taxis.

“This type of fuel is three times cheaper than petrol and diesel transport. Today, the cars manufactured by Avtovaz spend only 150 rubles worth of fuel at a journey of 100 km. The vehicles are completely safe. The risk of gas-fuel vehicles is not greater than petrol or diesel ones. 40% of our product range is formed of gas-fuel vehicles in the last five years. As a result, we have saved 4 billion rubles during the aforementioned time frame and produced 1000 kilotonnes less harmful emissions” – as told by Zubkov.

The chairman of Avtovaz Yves Karakatzanis has identified the main factors that may stimulate gas fuel market growth at the meeting: “The projected stable amount of support from the government in the coming years, the development of the infrastructure of filling stations and the advantages that a particular buyer could receive. For example, tax exemption or free parking”.

Avtovaz makes the serial production of Lada Vesta CNG, the total sales figure of which has reached approximately 3000 units since 2017. Lada Largus CNG model has been presented this year, on the other hand.