Yandex has started testing driverless cars on the roads of Moscow

Yandex has started testing driverless cars on the roads of Moscow


TASS.- Yandex has introduced the first five driverless cars to the public roads in Moscow. Fourth autonomy level cars have taken part in the experiment. The relevant statement has been made by TASS, through the company press office.

“Only five automobiles have appeared on Moscow roads as yet. Tens of more vehicles are currently waiting for permission. The experiment is being conducted with a government decree throughout Moscow. Choice of a specific route depends on the tasks on tests” – as stated by Yandex.

Yandex plans to put more than 100 driverless cars on the roads of Moscow and other test regions by the end of the year, the company added.

Vehicles in the fourth autonomy level participate in the experiment conducted by Yandex, as reported by TASS. This is considered to be a high level of automation, where the system is able to take over the control of the vehicle and driver participation is not required, apart from special circumstances.

The company has also stated that currently works are being conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce on the simplification of the certification process of driverless cars. “Now it’s very important to put as many cars as possible on the roads, since the technology would develop faster through experience” – as explained by Yandex.

The unmanned vehicles are planned to be tested on four specific locations, as stated by the press service of Avtonet: departure lines, Moscow MKAD and Third Ring Roads, residential districts of Yasenevo and Butovo and Kommunarka, as well as the centre of the capital. “The economic feasibility of the usage of unmanned technology will be determined in the near future, as a result of the aforementioned tests”- as reported by the press office.

The task team of Avtonet had previously proposed the expansion of the test zones of driverless cars to ten regions. St Petersburg, Moscow, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Leningrad and Samara regions were proposed to be added to the current test areas of Moscow and Kazan, alongside the Chuvash Republic and Krasnodar Territory. The inclusion of Moscow-Helsinki route to the test zone of driverless vehicles has also been discussed.

As one may remember, the Prime Minister of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on the conduction of an experiment on the usage of driverless automobiles on public roads in several locations of Moscow and Tatarstan as of December 1, at the end of November. As told by the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Maxim Akimov, 100 highly-automated automobiles will be introduced to the roads of Moscow and Tatarstan, within the framework of the experiment. The experiment will continue for three years.

Akimov has added that the launching time of unmanned transport on public roads will be determined according to the results of the experimental period, probably after March 2022.

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