UAZ will invest 7 billion rubles in a new platform for Patriot-2020

UAZ will invest 7 billion rubles in a new platform for Patriot-2020


Autostat.- Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant UAZ is working on the creation and launch of the advanced Patriot-2020 platform in cooperation with the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute NAMI. Approximately 7 billion rubles ($100 million) will be invested in the project, as stated by the press office of the government of Ulyanovsk region.

There are plans to manufacture and distribute around 3000 UAZ Patriot automobiles with automatic transmissions to the dealer network in 2019. The carrying capacity of UAZ Profi will be increased in 2020 with a double-tyre wheel.

UAZ expects to recover the production and sales volumes through the release of the new products, such as Patriot-2020. The company plans to manufacture 45,600 vehicles this year, including more than 4000 automobiles for exports and 46,800 vehicles in 2020, over 5000 of which will be sent abroad.

As one may remember, 44,504 vehicles have rolled off the conveyor of UAZ in 2018, which indicates a 7% year-on-year shrinkage. The sales of UAZ automobiles have remained almost unchanged in Russia, on the other hand, amounting to 41,252 units (-1%). UAZ exports have also declined last year, by 2% to approximately 5000 vehicles.

“Maintenance and growth of the market share of UAZ brand, maintaining the financial stability of the enterprise through the optimisation of cost structure and the development of the model range in accordance with market demands are the current main priorities of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant” – as told by the general director of the company Adil Shirinov.