Kamaz has manufactured 34.7 thousand vehicles in 2019

Kamaz has manufactured 34.7 thousand vehicles in 2019


RusAutoNewsCom.- As announced by the press office of the company, Kamaz has manufactured 34,705 vehicles in 2019.

30.5 thousand vehicles manufactured by Kamaz were sold on the Russian market. More than 5 thousand units were exported, mainly to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

The company has demonstrated 14 new models in 2019. The highlight was the Kamaz – 54901 as the first model of the K5 generation truck line. Among the company’s new products are the truck Kamaz – 5490 Neo 2, the electric bus Kamaz – 6282, the passenger bus Kamaz – 4299 and the off-road truck Kamaz-Arctic.

The main goals of the company for this year are the launch of the Kamaz – 54901 truck on the Russian market and the development of K5 generation truck line.

In addition, the production of the K5 generation trucks, development of the gas engine R6 and the expansion of the K4 generation trucks to gas fuel are planned.

The company has also set the goal to develope a Kamaz – 54901 with a gas engine, with a Euro-6 engine and a gas-diesel version of the model.

It is also planned to increase the production of trailer equipment at the subsidiaries Nefaz and TZA and to improve the performance of the electric buses manufactured by Kamaz.

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