Avtovaz has asked government permission to resume operations

Avtovaz has asked government permission to resume operations


Interfax.- Avtovaz has appealed to the government of the Samara region to resume operations providing the observation of all additional sanitary standards and ensuring the safety of people. The relevant statement has been made by the governor of the region Dmitry Azarov during a broadcast by Russia 24 TV channel.

As stated previously, the company has announced suspension of production between 30 March – 3 April 2020, in accordance with the presidential decree on additional measures concerning the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus. The staff salaries have been secured.

“I receive letters from largest labour collectives and company managers, who are ready to take on additional restrictions on compliance with sanitary standards, on disinfection of buildings and ensuring the complete safety of the work environment for the staff. The enterprises are prepared to take on the necessary obligations in order to get the opportunity to continue with production. The largest labour collective in the region: Avtovaz is also amongst the enterprises, which came up with similar proposals” – Azarov said.

As told by the press office of the government of Samara region to Interfax, the appeal from the car manufacturer will be considered, however, a decision has not yet been taken.

There are 17 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Samara region at the moment, two of them being members of Avtovaz staff.