KAMAZ will resume commercial vehicle production on 6 April

KAMAZ will resume commercial vehicle production on 6 April


RusAutoNewsCom.- Kamaz will resume commercial vehicle production. As reported by the company press office, a part of the personnel will return to work on Monday, the 6th of April. The relevant decision has been taken by the general director of the company, after consultation with the regional government and federal authorities.

During the spread of the Coronavirus and the measures taken on the self-isolation of the population, the commercial vehicles will play an important role in the country for the transport of food and essential goods, as well as the deliveries of medical equipment and operations carried out by housing and communal services organisations.

“The functioning of Kamaz will ensure an adequate response to the situation with the spread of Coronavirus infection, stabilise the social environment, prevent an increase in the level of criminogenic conditions and minimise the economic consequences of the introduction of restrictive measures, but most importantly, it will ensure the transport security of the country” – as commented by the general director of Kamaz Sergei Kogogin: “Commercial vehicle production is necessary for the country’s national economy. The company will make a significant contribution to the overall fight against Coronavirus with its operations”.

Kamaz is still the main employer for half a million residents of Naberezhnye Chelny, the suspension of which will have a negative effect on the socio-economic situation in the city and the replenishment of the urban and regional budgets. All these circumstances make the resumption of operations in Kamaz necessary.

Kamaz is aware of the fact that the spread of Coronavirus will remain to be a serious threat, which requires additional measures concerning the safety of the workforce of the company.