UAZ will resume automobile production as of 13 April

UAZ will resume automobile production as of 13 April


TASS.- UAZ will resume automobile production as of 13 April, as told by the official representative of the company to TASS.

“UAZ will start the gradual resumption of production on 7 April. Car assembly will resume next Monday, the 13th of April” – the representative said: “In accordance with a decree issued by the regional government of Ulyanovsk, no more than a quarter of the personnel will be involved in work, while the engineering and office staff will continue to work from home”.

Meanwhile, the safety of the workforce and the completion of the state order on ambulance production have been set as priorities by the company, during the times of predicament caused by the spread of the Coronavirus in Russia. “The enterprise has purchased masks and disinfection materials” – the representative said.

Previously, as ordered by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the week from March 30 to April 3 was declared non-operational for the prevention of the Coronavirus. The conveyors in plants belonging to Sollers remained idle during the aforementioned period. The president has extended the period of inactivity to 30 April later on.

Sollers (combining UAZ, ZMZ, Ford Sollers and Mazda Sollers), on the other hand, has stated that it has sent a request to the regional authorities to resume production, subject to observation of all sanitary standards.

Mazda Sollers plant has already obtained permission from the government of Primorsky region to resume automobile production in Vladivostok as of 6 April, as stated by the company.