NISSAN will withdraw Datsun brand automobiles from Russia

NISSAN will withdraw Datsun brand automobiles from Russia


Vedomosti.- Nissan will withdraw Datsun brand automobiles from the Russian market, as stated by the company. The production of the automobiles will discontinue in December 2020. The vehicles will be replaced with new models in the market, alongside the upgraded versions of the automobiles already existent in the Russian market: Nissan crossovers and SUVs, as stated by the company.

The sales of Datsun vehicles in the Russian market started in Autumn 2014. Two models have been available for the Russian clients: on-DO sedan and hatchback. Both models are manufactured by Avtovaz on the platform of Lada Kalina (later Granta).

Up until 2016, Nissan had plans to sell 100,000 Datsun brand automobiles in Russia annually.

The new brand did not find much popularity amongst the Russian clients. 2015 was a record year for sales with 32,008 units. The sales have risen by 9% last year to 22,426 vehicles. As a comparison, the sales figure of Granta (Kalina has been taken off production in 2018) reached 135,831 units last year.

In essence, Datsun is a Lada Granta with its original exterior and interior. However, due to the brand name, Datsun has always been more expensive than Granta, despite comparable equipment, as told by the director of the analytics department of Autostat Andrei Toptun. The vehicles had found their customer base eventually, since the demand for Japanese automobiles is traditionally larger than Russian ones in the country and the manufacturer has emphasised Japanese quality in its advertisement campaign in Russia. However, after Granta went through a facelift and acquired branded X-shaped stampings on the body, Datsun began to lose in sales.

Despite the brand managed to hold on to a stable annual sales figure of 20,000 – 25,000 units, the potential clients of Datsun brand have currently shifted to Lada brand automobiles, which are the most similar in terms of price and quality in the segment.

Datsun on-DO (left) and Lada Granta (right). Image: