MAZ has manufactured its first electric truck

MAZ has manufactured its first electric truck Minsk Automobile Plant MAZ plans to manufacture a range of electric vehicles until 2030. The company has presented its first electric truck on 30 September 2020. The vehicle carries the MAZ – 4381E0 index and has a gross weight of 12.5 tonnes.

The new model with a payload of 5700 kg is driven by an asynchronous electric engine with 70 kW power, which transmits traction to the wheels using a 2-speed gearbox with electronically controlled gear shifting. A lithium battery with a capacity of 160 Ah and an operating voltage of 570 V feeds the powertrain. The journey capacity reaches 100 km in the basic configuration, however, the factory is prepared to install a more durable battery. A GB/T DC port is used for recharging.

The electric truck, which is equipped with central locking, electric windows, headlight adjustment, multifunction steering wheel and monitors on the windshield pillars, has a 3-seater cab. The interior of the vehicle is heated by an electric system, in order to keep the driver warm. The dimensions of the cargo platform of the truck are as follows: length – 6 m, width – 2.5 m and height – 2.6 m.

The truck has a maximum velocity of 85 km/h, which is sufficient for urban use.

A quiet operation regime and environmentally-friendliness are the plus sides of the electric truck, as well as high transportation efficiency.

MAZ – 4381E0 will complete the testing process in the near future, to be followed by commercial production with the aim of exporting the vehicle to Russia.