General Motors has opened a new model line to UzAuto Motors

General Motors has opened a new model line to UzAuto Motors General Motors has given the Uzbek plant, which manufactures Chevrolet Spark, Nexia and Cobalt vehicles for the Russian market, a solid “four” out of five grade GM quality standards. Thereby, the company will have the opportunity to expand its model range on the global GM platform in the future.

The evaluation of the UzAuto Motors enterprise was carried out by GM specialists from India, China, Korea and the United States.

The BIQ Built-In Quality indicator is applied throughout the entire factory chain of General Motors. Staff involvement, standardisation, quality, performance periods and improvements are the areas assessed in a five-points system. In the meantime, no company has yet achieved a five-out-of-five evaluation.

“UzAuto Motors factory in Asaka, which makes the mass production of Chevrolet, has officially become one of the best GM plants in the world in terms of product quality, as a result of receiving a Level-4 BIQ. The corporate approach certificate will allow the company to create quality on spot and troubleshoot problems locally” – said the Executive Director of Keles Rus, the official distributor of UZAuto Motors in the Russian Federation, Vadim Artamonov.

Chevrolet Spark is the only model directly supplied from Uzbekistan to Russia. Two other models, Cobalt and Nexia, are assembled in a factory in Kazakhstan, from where they are shipped to our country. However, the quality of these models are not affected according to the company, since the assembly is carried out on a large scale, with components manufactured at UzAuto Motors.

Artamonov has added that the high grade achieved in the assessment will allow the company to expand its model range with automobiles built on General Motors platforms. In particular, there are ongoing negotiations on the production of a C-segment sedan and a medium-size crossover. As to Spark, Cobalt and Nexia, these models will be upgraded and equipped with new components next year.