Government plans to fund car component production with 200 billion rubles

Government plans to fund car component production with 200 billion rubles


Autostat.- The subsidy programme on the development of car component production, which will be launched by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in cooperation with IDF in 2021, has been evaluated at more than 200 billion rubles for 10 years, as told by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Alexander Morozov during an interview with the Vedomosti newspaper. Assumably, the grants will be received by projects on auto components, agricultural vehicles and road construction equipment production, throughout the regions of the Russian Federation.

“The selection process for the grants will be in competition form, which will be assessed by a special technical committee created by us. The state support will be equivalent to approximately 30% of the investment amount in the project. The total budget of the programme, including the investments of the manufacturers themselves, is estimated at more than 200 billion rubles for a period of 10 years” – Morozov said.

Projects on the car component production for electric transmissions (gearboxes, motor-wheels, batteries), automated vision technologies (radars, lidars and video cameras), as well as projects related to passenger safety (production of active and passive security systems and sensors for various purposes) will be eligible for the grants.

“Technological solutions for vehicles running on hydrogen are also covered by the auto components development program, besides many others” the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce added.

As reminded by Interfax, the plans to launch a subsidy programme for the localisation of car component production have been announced lately by the director of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Department of Automotive Industry and Railway Engineering Denis Pak. “In cooperation with IDF, we will launch a subsidy programme issuing grants for the implementation of investment projects on the localisation of auto components production in 2021” – said Pak, emphasising the pledge already made by the Ministry to IDF for grants in the amount of 1 billion rubles.

The need for a development programme on car component production has been brought forward repeatedly by GAZ Group in the past.

As stated by the chairman of GAZ Group Vadim Sorokin, the company has evaluated such a programme with NAMI. According to the estimation, 240 billion rubles will be needed for a period of 5 years, which will have a significant effect on the entire economy, including small and medium-sized enterprises. Talking about the necessity of the programme, Sorokin has stated that GAZ has developed 10 pilot projects of its own on the localisation of components, at a total cost of 36 billion rubles. “However, such projects should be run on a state-private enterprise partnership basis, under co-financing terms. No bank will finance any investor for such long-term projects. For that reason, an industrial programme is necessary” – Sorokin said.